Wilson Leather lamb hipster Mens Leather Jacket with thinsulate Review

Bob Wilson

October 15, 2016

A video review on my new Wilson leather lamb hipster Mens black leather jacket with thinsulate layer.

The jacket is quite warm and is very comfortable. The Wilson Leather has so big of a selection of jacket and coats, I settled with this one since I like the Lamb leather feel.

This jacket can be worm all season and is very flexible since you can remove the 2nd layer and wear in summer also.

I purchased this one from the company website. Received within 1 week, quite happy with the turnaround time.

The sleeves have no metal buttons also a plus for me. It has thinsulate which is a 3M product.

I found leather if maintained well will last a long time and will save money besides looking good.

This Mens style is: WC2A2189

Check out the video.

Category: Leather Jackets

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