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The biker jacket is the epitome of cool. Throughout all of film and fashion I can’t think of a piece that says cool quite like it. Sticking to last weeks biker theme with the Balmain biker jeans, it made sense to round out the outfit. Just as the biker jeans are the most iconic Balmain piece, the biker jacket is what says Saint Laurent.

The biker I got isn’t the famous “perfecto” (the classic asymmetrical double breasted zip with a belt we all think of immediately when we think biker jacket). As cool and classic as that jacket is I wanted something different, and when you want something unique and out of production you have to look to Ebay. After checking multiple times a day for many months I finally found the one I wanted. Skeptical of the authenticity I bought it and prayed Ebay’s buyer protection would save me if I got scammed with a fake. Saint Laurent leather for out of production pieces on Ebay can be just as expensive as brand new ones and even the still in production ones don’t depreciate that much so you want to be SURE you’re getting the authentic thing.

When the package arrived I tore it open in nervous anticipation hoping for the real deal. I stuck my hand in to pull it out and before I even laid eyes on it I knew it was the real deal. The feel of the leather is amazing and not something you can fake. The only thing I can think of on par to the supple buttery-ness of Saint Laurent leather is Brunello Cucinelli (probably the best fabrics of any brand in the world). It really is the best of the best.

As nice as the leather is, it’s the details that really make the jacket I got special. My jacket was designed as a “hybrid” between a classic biker and a blazer. The jacket has the classic zippers on the sleeve cuffs you would expect of a biker, but it also has surgeons cuff buttons you would expect to see in high end blazers.

The closure- well there is no closure. The jacket looks like it’s double breasted and has an asymmetrical zip, however, cannot zip up at all and those double breasted flaps function like the lapels on a blazer. A nice added touch is the breast pocket which you would wear a pocket square in on a jacket. The entire jacket is lined in silk and has internal breast pockets to keep your phone or cards (I never use the outside pockets on any jackets ever).

The shoulders and silhouette are classic Saint Laurent which you either love or hate, you really need to try it on and know how it looks on you. The fit is very short and cropped, more so than other leather by them which I personally like. I wear a size 46 (I would have rather got a 48 and got the body tailored for the extra shoulder and sleeve length but good luck finding it with out of production jackets). The hardware is the same as on any of the other jackets, polished, but I wouldn’t call it shiny. What’s nice about this jacket and Saint Laurent in general is it all goes together. Their pants complete their look and their shoes go with the pants. Its really a “collection” as opposed to different pieces that all sort of have the same feel.

If you’re looking for a cool jacket there are cheaper, there are more unique, there are more unique and cheaper, and then there’s Saint Laurent. It’s a classic and if you’re reading this you’re obviously thinking about getting one because you know it is too. Buy it, forget it, and know that you’ll never need another leather again (although we all know you’ll never stop at 1 leather).


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Today I chose to show you guys some of my latest purchases. Most of the items in this look cost under $20 from stores like Gap and Urban Outfitters. These Adidas were bought at discounted price ($30) at the outlet. The leather jacket…I’d rather not say how much I spent (splurged) but you can find many similar and cheaper items at H&M and Zara.

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Top 10 Best Men’s Leather Jacket for Bikers

cool leather jacket for bikers Top 10 Best Men’s Leather Jacket Reviews

Get the latest updates on leather jacket for men and women price info and reviews:


leather suede jacket for men
My choice: Cole Haan Leather Jacket

#1 DIESEL ‘Neilor’ Black Buffalo Leather Racer Jacket

Front zip closure.
Snap-tab at collar.
Zip cuffs.
Side zip pockets; chest zip pockets.

#2 Armani Collezioni Lambskin Leather Jacket

Front two-way zip closure.
Professional leather clean.
Snap-closure pockets; interior welt pocket.

#3 Cole Haan Lambskin Leather Jacket (Online Only)

Men’s Sportswear.
Front zip closure.
Side welt pockets.

#4 John Varvatos Collection Extra Trim Fit Leather Moto Jacket

Adjustable snap-tab throat latch.
Adjustable snap-tabs at back waist.
Professional leather clean.

#5 John Varvatos Star USA Leather Moto Jacket

26″ length (size Medium).
Front zip closure.
Zip cuffs.

#6 BLK DNM ‘Leather Jacket 5’ Leather Moto Jacket

Zip pockets; snap-flap welt pocket.
Snap-tab passants.
Fully lined.

#7 DIESEL® ‘L-Thermal’ Leather Jacket

pretty versatile.
Front zip closure with snap-tab collar.
Zip cuffs.
Zip pockets.

#8 Vince Camuto Leather Moto Jacket

Side welt pockets; horizontal zip chest pockets.
Button-tab at collar.
Zip-up cuffs.

#9 Topman Quilt Lined Black Leather Biker Jacket

Front zip pockets; vertical chest zip pocket.
Interior pocket.
Adjustable buckle strap at back.

#10 7 Diamonds ‘Los Angeles’ Trim Fit Leather Moto Jacket with Inset Hood

Front zip closure; snap-tab at hem.
Moto-style collar with snap closure.
Zip pockets; snap-flap chest pockets.

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Leather vs Textile Motorcycle Jackets
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4 looks with the classic leather jacket that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Starting off with a casual look to more dressed up.

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Best Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Men’s top biker black leather jacket for sale:

Leather jackets are the most wanted gear for motorcyclists. It has become the trend in men to wear them.

Among numerous good brands, Schott Perfecto 118 is the greatest motorcycle jacket ever. It’s biker’s favorite outfit.

No motorbike jackets can come close to it – it was worn by Marlon Brando in the classic 1953 movie The Wild One and by many rock stars.

If you want to add a dash of flair to your appearance, with a hint of toughness, this is the best motorcycle leather jacket for the money. Every review talks only good things about it.

For those who love riding motorcycles, this outfit is needed in order to enjoy safe and secure bike riding. Anyone who sees you in it will definitely know that you don’t take your biking for granted.